At Blossom We Believe The Most Important Person A Woman Takes Care Of Is Herself

Are you tired of chronic tension between your shoulders?

Do you crave a better relationship with your body?

What would it be like to take a full breath right now?

Blossom Massage for Women is a peaceful oasis in downtown Portland, Maine, where women in healthcare, mothers, and business professionals receive customized massage and healing sessions.

As women, most of us realize we could be taking better care of ourselves. Yet too often the self-care we get isn’t tailored to our physiology, our emotions, and the stresses and challenges unique to us.

Blossom Massage for Women’s specialty is therapeutic massage, along with supportive energy work and health coaching. As women healing women, we gently and lovingly restore you to health and wellness. Our goal is for you is nothing less than harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

Blossom Massage for Women: a woman’s path to wellness.